The Fast Way to Create a Microsoft Account

To use all of the Microsoft services, you need a Microsoft account. Exactly a form of email address and password for the user to access their accounts on Microsoft systems such as, Xbox Live, OneDrive and Office 365. Here, we will guide you how to create a Microsoft account in the fastest way!

Instruction on how to create a Hotmail Account – step by step

First, visit the following link:

Microsoft Account registration link (

Locate and select Sign Up Now:


The sign up form will appear. Follow the directions and enter the required information, such as your name, user name (can choose or for extension), password, date of birth, gender …


Once completing all required information, review the Microsoft Services Agreement and Privacy Statement, then click Create Account.

Your Microsoft account is now created, and the account settings page will appear.


Here, you can review the information on the newly established account. And with this way, we can download Windows easily, use Live Mail, Skype chat … with Microsoft account. Good luck!